Groundbreaking of Patterson Housing Development

Groundbreaking of Patterson Housing Development

Posted on June 29, 2018

Today, Self-Help Enterprises held a groundbreaking ceremony to celebrate the first phase of the Stonegate Shire subdivision that will feature 41 self-help homes geared to low-income homebuyers. Ben Metcalf, Director of the Californa Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD), Ron Tackett, USDA Rural Development Self-Help Housing Program Director and representatives from the City of Patterson attended the celebration to share their support for affordable housing. The event was held in conjunction with USDA National Homeownership Month and NeighborWorks® Week.

The decade-old project, which is part of the larger Villages of Patterson project, will consist of 120 low-income single-family homeownership units to be completed through Self-Help Enterprises’ mutual self-help housing program and up to 138 units of affordable rental apartments.

The first phase of the project, located at the northeast corner of N. First Street and Walnut Avenue, will include 41 units of self-help housing with 10 families making up the first construction group. Through the mutual self-help program, ten to twelve families are grouped together and agree to help each other build their houses with skilled onsite supervision and guidance from Self-Help Enterprises’ construction staff. The homes are built under the mutual self-help method of construction where each family is required to contribute a minimum of 40 hours a week working on all the homes for a period of 9 to 12 months. Family hours can be provided by the owners-to-be, any household member 16 years of age or older and approved helpers. Together, families pour foundations, frame homes, install electrical wiring, hang doors and windows, and paint.

These labor hours, or “sweat equity”, are used as the down payment on their new home, reducing costs for a new home they could otherwise not afford. Participants choose from three and four-bedroom floor plans, which include a dishwasher and range, two car garages, landscaped front yard, and energy-efficient features. What makes the program so successful is that the participating families not only work on their own home, but everyone works on every house in the building group and no one moves in until all houses are completed, creating a community bond.

“The City of Patterson is home to many agricultural, fulfillment center, service workers, and other hardworking families who are facing a lack of affordable housing”, said Tom Collishaw, President and CEO of Self-Help Enterprises. “We strongly believe that a decent, affordable home is the basic building block for families to thrive, and we are thrilled to be bringing affordable housing options to Patterson.”

Self-Help Enterprises assists each participant with securing the loans needed to build their home. Special financing from the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the State of California makes these homes affordable. Primary mortgage financing will be provided through the USDA Rural Development 502 mortgage program. Each June, USDA Rural Development celebrates National Homeownership Month bringing attention to homeownership in rural communities. The celebrations honor homeowners and recognize partners that help make homeownership a reality. Through Self-Help Enterprises’ partnership with USDA, 167 self-help homes have been constructed in Patterson to date.

“Access to affordable housing is at the foundation of any healthy, and thriving community,” said Kim Dolbow Vann, USDA Rural Development California State Director. “Through innovative programs and strong partnerships with organizations like Self-Help Enterprises, USDA is helping make the dream of homeownership a reality for families in Patterson, and across the state.”

Self-Help Enterprises is currently recruiting families for the self-help housing program in Patterson. Eligibility requirements include: reasonable credit, stable income, income that does not exceed eligibility guidelines, and the desire and ability to build your own home. For more information, please call (559) 651-1000.

In conjunction with developing the initial 41 homes, Self-Help Enterprises is also actively working on Phase II of the project. On Thursday, June 28, the Strategic Growth Council approved $12,075,537 of Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities (AHSC) funding for 66-units of affordable rental housing.  The project, known as Stonegate Village, includes a mix of one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom units. Stonegate Village will include a community building with a computer lab and an all-purpose room, as well as tot lots and play areas.  The AHSC award also includes funding for an Intelligent Transportation System (ITS), bike racks for the buses that operate in Patterson, bike lanes and expanded sidewalks.  The award will also fund 20 vans to be operated by California Vanpool Authority (CalVans) and free transit passes for all of the residents for three years. The improvements will be implemented through a partnership with Stanislaus County, Stanislaus Council of Governments (StanCOG) and CalVans.  There will also be a second phase of affordable rental housing which will include 72 units for a total of 138 apartments.

Self-Help Enterprises has a long history of serving the Patterson area as well as the surrounding Stanislaus County. Self-Help Enterprises currently manages a rental portfolio of 30 properties (1,364 total rental housing units), with sites located in Newman (Rolling Hills Apartments) and Modesto (Gateway Village Apartments). Additionally, Self-Help Enterprises operates a housing counseling and education program that continues to serve hundreds of Stanislaus County residents.

In 2001, Self-Help Enterprises became a member of the NeighborWorks® network, a national collaboration of more than 240 nonprofit organizations in 50 states creating healthy communities. During NeighborWorks® Week, Self-Help Enterprises and other affiliated NeighborWorks® organizations across the country mobilize tens of thousands of residents, business people and government officials in a week of events with a focus on neighborhood improvement and supporting homeownership. This year’s theme is “Advancing Opportunity,” and NeighborWorks® organizations advance opportunity by empowering residents and communities with the tools, skills and services they need to help everyone thrive.

Together, Self-Help Enterprises, USDA Rural Development, NeighborWorks® America and the City of Patterson help build a strong community by bringing affordable housing options to Patterson families.

See photos from the groundbreaking here.


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