Emergency Services


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Our Emergency Services Division engages diverse and vulnerable populations around natural disasters, such as drought, fire, flood and earthquake. The program will also help families receive urgent access to clean water, help with water well replacement and water filtration services as needed. See below for details:


(1) Water Well Assessment, Repair or Replacement 

Is your well pumping sand or low producing? Do you think your well is failing?  Our techs will inspect the quality of your well and measure the depth of the well and the depth to water. We will help you determine if your well is in good operating condition. We will provide operation and maintenance education for long-term sustainability and in some cases can offer financial assistance for repairing or replacing your well.


(2) Emergency Access to Water Tanks, Hauled Water & Bottled Water

Has your well gone dry? Have you lost access to water in your home? We can help you by installing a large water storage tank on your property and connecting it to your home Once the tank is installed we’ll have water hauled and pumped into your tank, restoring your home’s access to water. Although the hauled water is potable, we also offer bottled water for your families access to clean drinking water.


(3) Water Filtration Via POU or POE

Are you worried your well water may be contaminated? Our techs will sample your water for multiple primary contaminants known to the valley for having negative health effects. Once the analysis is complete, families will receive a copy of the results and when needed we can have a point of use or point of entry filtration device installed in your home or on your well


(4) Emergency Preparedness

Via the LISTOS CA Campaign that will empower Tulare County’s most vulnerable populations to prepare for natural disasters through education and training.


Download water well infographic here