Our Commitment During Covid-19

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"It is during such times that working together –  the essence of Self-Help Enterprises  –  will get us through this.” - Tom Collishaw, CEO

What We Do

Build Your Own Home

With skilled onsite supervision, families help build each other’s homes.

Rental Communities

Affordable rental housing communities offering afterschool programs, adult education classes, computer literacy classes, and more.

Happy Resident

Down Payment Assistance

Resources and assistance for families wishing to become homeowners through traditional avenues.

Community Development

Assistance for rural communities to identify sources of clean drinking water and develop sanitary sewer systems.

Professional Services

Housing related consulting services for cities, counties and other partners.

Sustainable Energy Solutions

Focusing on connecting disadvantaged communities to resources that provide access to affordable energy and clean transportation infrastructure.

Emergency Services

Engaging vulnerable populations around natural disasters, and helping families with water well replacement, water filtration and access to clean water.

Healthy Homes & Communities

Self-Help Enterprises has a long history of integrating healthy, sustainable development practices to create healthier, energy-efficient environments for community residents.

Learn more below about Self-Help Enterprises’ commitment to working with cities, counties and residents to improve health outcomes and reduce environmental impact.



Building homes that are energy efficient, use fewer resources, and are affordable.

Community Building

Community Building

Empowering people to become leaders in their community.

Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness

Creating and supporting efforts to promote healthy homes and communities.

Mutual Self-Help Housing

Working Together


On the Blog

A Self-Help Legacy with the Adame Family

The longevity of SHE’s mission was felt by the Adame Family, who can attest to the life-long impact of SHE’s work.

Dinuba Community Center Named After Beloved Community Advocate

On Wednesday, October 30th, friends and family gathered as Self-Help Enterprises held a surprise celebration to officially name the Community Center

This Woman is Leading with Heart and Making North Park Apartments A Better Place to Live

Albert Einstein once said, “Only one who devotes himself to a cause with his whole strength and soul can be a true master.

There are many ways you can support our housing and community development efforts. From volunteering to a tax-deductible contribution to becoming a participant, you can join us in strengthening the communities we serve.

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