Professional Services

Self-Help Enterprises offers housing related consulting services for cities, counties and other partners. See below for details:

Loan Portfolio Management

Loan Portfolio Management services are developed by SHE in consultation with the City/County and are based on current Federal, State, and local regulations. SHE staff are directly involved with participants (applicants). SHE staff have the capacity to handle annual verifications of occupancy, insurance and tax monitoring, and work with participants on an “as needed” basis to resolve problems related to delinquent payments, title issues, taxes, insurance, and occupancy. Implementation is handled by staff who are available to meet in person with City/County staff and participants as needed. In addition, SHE staff are available to assist the City/County with mortgage verifications, payoff demands, reconveyance and/or release of paid off loans or grants, subordination requests, loan assumptions, and default/foreclosure procedures.


Grant Writng 

SHE provides all technical assistance necessary to prepare grant applications in response to NOFA’s released by the California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) for CDBG, HOME, CalHome, and other possible funding sources as they become available. This assistance includes the gathering and compilation of source data, writing of the required documentation, and submission of the final products to HCD.



Grant Administration

This assistance includes general grant set-up, marketing, technical assistance, reporting, funds requests, setup and completion reports, public information binders and monitoring, environmental reviews, as well as any other documentation that may be required by the funding source. Grants administered by SHE have been completed in a timely and cost efficient fashion, in accordance with Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) requirements, and free of negative audit findings. In addition to administering housing-related activities, SHE also provides grant administration assistance for non-housing related activities such as public services and public improvements.



Multi-Family Long-Term Monitoring

SHE provides contract services with City/County grantees to complete annual long term monitoring for HOME funded multi-family rental housing projects. Annual Long Term Monitoring includes a site visit and unit inspections, tenant eligibility and file review, project compliance with state and federal regulations, financial review and continued viability of the project.

Acquisition Rehabilitation & Infill Development

To actively promote affordable housing, SHE expanded its services to include acquisition of existing housing stock in need of repairs, and acquisition of vacant single family infill lots. SHE works with local agencies through a variety of methods to purchase, rehab and/or build affordable housing in existing neighborhoods, then resell the homes to low income families.


SHE provides contract services for income and housing conditions surveys, that meet HCD requirements to determine project eligibility and for housing element updates.

Program & Policy Development

SHE provides professional contract services for the development of policies, programs, procedures and related documents for new or existing programs, include ordinance updates, ADU programs, pre-planning services, and studies.

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