Sustainable Energy Solutions

Our Sustainable Energy Solutions team focuses on connecting disadvantaged communities to resources that provide access to affordable energy and clean transportation infrastructure. The SES team provides technical assistance to plan and develop sustainable energy projects in SJV DACs. A few of the services we provide include: community needs assessments, evaluation and review of alternatives, project development, project management, community engagement and capacity building.

Affordable Energy: 

  • Community Energy Navigator Program Manager (CPM)
  • SJV DAC Affordable Energy Projects
  • SJV DAC Affordable Energy Survey
  • Sustainable Energy & Localized Futures (SELF)

Clean Transportation: 

  • Miocar, The San Joaquin Valleys Electric Vehicle Car Sharing Service
  • Connecting DAC’s to Electric Vehicles
  • EV Infrastructure Planning for DACs

Community Engagement and Education: 

  • Clean Energy Resources
  • Energy Efficiency Education
  • Electric Vehicles Education and Training