The Groundbreaking of Nupchi Xo’ Oy

The Groundbreaking of Nupchi Xo’ Oy

Posted on January 13, 2020


An Innovative Partnership between Tule River Indian Housing Authority & Self-Help Enterprises is bringing 40-units of quality affordable housing to Porterville’s Tule River Tribe.

Porterville, CA— On Tuesday, January 7th, the Tule River Indian Housing Authority (TRIHA), a tribally sanctioned entity whose primary purpose is to bring affordable housing opportunities to the tribal members, and its co-development partner, Self-Help Enterprises (SHE), a community development organization whose mission is to work with low-income families to build and sustain healthy homes and communities gathered with community members to celebrate the groundbreaking of Nupchi Xo’ Oy— a 40-unit affordable rental housing community located at 648 W. Mulberry Ave. in Porterville, CA 93257.

Nupchi Xo’ Oy will include 15 single-family homes and 25 townhouses. Of these housing types, 34 will be 3-bedroom residences and six will be 4-bedroom residences. In addition, the project will include a 1,956 – square foot community building fully equipped with a laundry, and a computer lab which will be available to adults and children for schoolwork and educational activities. SHE, in conjunction with TRIHA staff, will offer a robust onsite resident services program that will include job training, health and wellness services, financial training, homebuyer education and a variety of youth afterschool activities. Tule River Tribe will also provide cultural services at the project, including a language program and other educational activities.

“This project is our first large-scale affordable rental project for the TRIHA. We undertook this effort several years ago starting with our search for suitable acreage and then conducting many months of due diligence so the site would meet the approval of the Department of Housing and Urban Development,” said Christina Dabney-Keel, Chairperson of TRIHA Board of Commissioners.  “Once completed, we secured a recognized housing development partner in Self-Help Enterprises to make this affordable housing project a reality and now by early 2021, 40 Tule River families will be enjoying the comforts of a new home.”

“Nupchi Xo’ Oy is our first affordable rental community we build in Porterville and our first tribal collaboration,” said Tom Collishaw, President and CEO of SHE. “We are extremely proud to be a joint partner with TRIHA in this major undertaking of bringing affordable housing to some of the most disadvantaged families of the Tule River community. SHE currently owns and operates 33 affordable rental communities serving 1,482 families throughout the San Joaquin Valley.

The project will serve low-income families at or below 60% AMI with monthly net rents ranging from $471 – $1,092, which are determined based on unit size and resident incomes. TRIHA and SHE are providing affordable housing opportunities for tribal members, descendants, and members of other tribes. Funding for this project is provided by Title VI from Native American Bank, US bank for the construction loan and TRIHA.

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