SHE’s Housing Rehabilitation: Achievements & Impact

SHE’s Housing Rehabilitation: Achievements & Impact

Posted on July 2, 2024

To celebrate SHE’s 60th Anniversary, each month we are highlighting the history of programs and the impact we’ve made as an organization since 1965. Last month, we took a look back at the roots of our Housing Rehabilitation program, and this month we are featuring the achievements and current successes of this program. To date, SHE’s Housing Rehabilitation Program has resulted in the rehabilitation of over 6,900 homes across Fresno, Madera, Merced, Mariposa, Kings, Kern, and Tulare counties. These efforts have preserved and improved the affordable housing stock available to low-income families in the San Joaquin Valley.  

Large portions of affordable housing in the San Joaquin Valley are older homes in need of repair. The Housing Rehabilitation Program works to preserve and improve this existing housing stock. In partnership with cities and counties, SHE collaborates with community leaders to identify housing needs, secure funding, and implement repair efforts. Deferred payment loans and grants are available for essential health and safety repairs, such as roofing, plumbing, electrical, heating/cooling, foundation, windows, and accessibility modifications. These loans have no monthly payments and are due upon sale or change of title or use.   

Housing rehabilitation can involve a range of activities from simple repairs to major health and safety improvements, or even the reconstruction of severely dilapidated structures. After identifying eligible households, SHE Housing Specialists work closely with participants to determine necessary construction. Through a strategic combination of grants and loans, outreach staff craft the most affordable and beneficial financing packages for each household. 

“Our old home was falling apart, and we had no idea how we were going to fix it. We are so grateful for the rehabilitation program because we would not have been able to improve our living conditions without the program.” ~ Tessie Dowers and Virginia Barnes 

Housing rehabilitation assistance meets a critical need for homeowners lacking funds for necessary improvements. By ensuring safe and healthy living conditions, SHE continues to empower families and strengthen communities, living up to its mission of promoting dignity and self-sufficiency through homeownership.  

Click the image below to watch a brief video about SHE’s Housing Rehabilitation efforts: 

As we celebrate 60 years of service, we are proud of the tangible impact our Housing Rehabilitation program has made in the community, and we look forward to the continued betterment of our communities. Click here to learn more about this important program and review the pre-application process. 

Stay tuned next month as we continue our journey through the history and ongoing efforts of Self-Help Enterprises, celebrating six decades of commitment to building a better future for all! 

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