SHE Leads Relief Efforts Amidst Widespread Flooding

SHE Leads Relief Efforts Amidst Widespread Flooding

Posted on February 1, 2023

A series of heavy rainstorms drenched the Central Valley during the first weeks of the new year. Widespread flooding led to power outages and even forced residents to leave their homes.

Residents of Bear Creek in Planada and Gateway Village in Modesto faced these challenges as water levels rose high enough to threaten their homes. SHE’s Emergency Services team quickly stationed sandbags to prevent water intrusion and destruction ravishing the surrounding communities.

On January 13th, SHE organized additional relief efforts in Planada alongside Olivia Gomez, current SHE Board Member and longtime community leader. SHE’s Bottled Water team delivered 1,523 gallons of bottled water to community members needing clean drinking water. In addition to the six pallets of bottled water, essential supplies were available to help displaced residents.  

The relentless downpours and flooding have devastated many neighborhoods – from towns to rural communities such as Planada. Funding is available to continue to help residents whose homes were damaged and need repair. SHE’s Housing Rehabilitation Program provides financing to repair income-eligible and owner-occupied homes in need of essential health and/or safety repairs.

The program is funded by the State Department of Housing and Community Development Grant Programs. The Housing Preservation Grant (HPG) also offers grants up to $15,000 for properties located in eligible target rural areas. 

Learn more or contact our team at: 559-802-1647.

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