Room to Grow and Play in Wasco

Room to Grow and Play in Wasco

Posted on October 24, 2018

For 4-year old Homero, a new self-help home means finally having his own room to play in. After many years of jumping around between relatives, Homero and his mom, Madelyn Sepulveda, 25, will soon have a home of their own. Madelyn is among the 10 proud participating families in the Wasco 13 project which is expected to conclude in January 2019. Wasco 13 is one of several active self-help home construction projects where eight to twelve families join together and agree to help each other build their houses with skilled onsite supervision and guidance of Self-Help Enterprises’ construction staff. The homes are built under the mutual self-help method of construction where each family is required to contribute a minimum of forty hours a week working on all the homes for a period of nine to twelve months.

Madelyn is actually very familiar with the self-help home program as her parents were participants back in 1994 (McFarland). She decided to apply to the program after her father encouraged her to do so. “Constructing the home has been both physically and mentally draining but I’ve learned so much, including how to use tools, some that I have never even heard of!” said Madelyn. Presently, she is staying with her grandmother but looks forward to bringing some much needed stability to her and her son. As a single mom working as an office manager at an auto repair shop in Delano, it’s been a challenge to fulfill the required construction hours. The program allows for approved family members, (ages 16 and older) to assist in the completion of hours. Due to her hectic schedule, Madelyn’s father has been a huge help in making sure she meets the labor requirement. “The best part for me is the satisfaction that comes with completing something I put my mind to. It hasn’t been easy, it’s been a sacrifice, but I know at the end it will be worth it.”

Homero is also very excited for his new home: “Mom, I’m gonna have my own room!” an eager Homero frequently says. Madelyn said that he is looking forward to playing with the other kids in the neighborhood but most of all, he can’t wait to have and play in his own room.

The “nice thing” is that her new home will be conveniently centered between other extended family, and with the holidays around the corner, it’s hard for Madelyn not to get excited for future family gatherings.  Madelyn is very grateful for this experience: “if it wasn’t for this program, I don’t think I could ever have afforded own my own house. Self Help Enterprises is giving me the opportunity to provide myself and my son the chance to stop jumping from place to place and finally have a stable home we can call our own.” For more information about our programs, please visit our website.

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