Grand Opening of Nupchi Xo’ Oy

Grand Opening of Nupchi Xo’ Oy

Posted on August 31, 2021


Nupchi Xo’ Oy is a 40-unit quality affordable housing for Tule River Tribe and Porterville Community Members

Porterville, CA— On Friday, August 27th,  the Tule River Indian Housing Authority (TRIHA), a tribally sanctioned entity whose primary purpose is to bring affordable housing opportunities to the tribal members, and its co-development partner, Self-Help Enterprises (SHE), a community development organization whose mission is to work with low-income families to build and sustain healthy homes and communities gathered with excited tenants and community members to celebrate the grand opening and ribbon cutting of Nupchi Xo’ Oy— a new 40-unit affordable rental housing community located at 648 W. Mulberry Ave. in Porterville, CA 93257.

Residents like Marivel say “It’s such a family-friendly environment where my children and I feel safe and comfortable. It’s more than anyone could ever imagine.” Nupchi Xo’ Oy includes 15 single-family homes and 25 townhouses. Of these housing types, 34 are 3-bedroom residences and six are 4-bedroom residences. The project also includes a 1,956 – square foot community building with a laundry and computer lab available to adults and children for schoolwork and educational activities. Outside of the community building is a small playground where Marivel says her children love to play.

SHE, in collaboration with TRIHA staff, will offer a robust onsite resident services program that will include job training, health and wellness services, financial training, homebuyer education and a variety of youth afterschool activities. The Tule River Tribe will also provide cultural services at the project, including a language program and other educational activities. Outdoors, a covered playground and open space is available for children living in the complex.

“The Tule River Indian Housing authority (TRIHA) is happy to announce the Grand Opening of the 40-unit Nupchi Xo’oy Tax Credit development,” said Christina Dabney-Keel, Chairperson of TRIHA Board of Commissioners.  “This project is the result of a collaborative partnership between TRIHA and Self-Help Enterprises to help alleviate the acute shortage of affordable housing in our communities and allows 40 families to reside in safe, sanitary, and affordable housing.   While this is an important milestone for addressing the existing shortage of available housing the Tule River Indian Housing Authority recognizes there is still much to be done as we work together to reduce overcrowding, unsafe housing conditions, and maintain the financial viability of our families.”

“We are happy to bring this development to our area,” said Joel Azure, Executive Director of the Tule River Indian Housing Authority. “We look forward to facilitating future housing developments that will provide affordable rental and homeownership opportunities for our members and the community.”

“Self-Help Enterprises is always eager to provide great housing opportunities to working families,” said Tom Collishaw, President and CEO of SHE. “We are proud to partner with the TRIHA to build capacity for developing more housing in the future.”

“The grand opening of the 40-unit Nupchi Xo’oy Tax Credit development will provide some much-needed relief towards addressing the housing shortage,” said Senator Melissa Hurtado (D-Sanger.)  “The collaboration between the Tule River Indian Housing Authority and Self-Help Enterprises will provide great services that will help tribal members access affordable housing as well as residential services that can help strengthen the community.”

The project serves low-income families at or below 60% AMI with monthly net rents ranging from $471 – $1,092, which are determined based on unit size and resident incomes. TRIHA and SHE are providing affordable housing opportunities for tribal members, descendants, members of other tribes, and other working families in Porterville. Funding for this project is provided by Native American Bank, U.S. Bank (construction lender), U.S. Bancorp Community Development Corporation as the tax credit investor, TRIHA and Self-Help Enterprises.


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About Self-Help Enterprises
Self-Help Enterprises (SHE) is a nationally recognized community development organization whose mission is to work together with low-income families to build and sustain healthy homes and communities. The pioneer and leading provider of mutual self-help housing in the United States, SHE’s efforts today encompass a range of efforts to build better homes and communities for farmworkers and other hard-working families. Since 1965, SHE has helped more than 6,300 families to build their own homes, rehabilitated over 6,700 unsafe homes, developed over 1,800 units of affordable rental housing, and has provided technical assistance for reliable access to safe drinking water and sanitary sewer infrastructures to more than 327 small communities. SHE’s commitment to providing resources and training for individuals builds capacity of highly effective leaders in communities that also promote collaborative solutions for improving communities. These combined efforts have touched the lives of over 60,000 families, providing security and stability for families and building more productive communities.



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