Making Our Communities Greener This Earth Day

Making Our Communities Greener This Earth Day

Posted on April 22, 2016

As we observe Earth Day amidst one of California’s most severe droughts on record, we are reminded of the importance of conservation and the resources available to help reduce water waste and increase drought resiliency. With a NeighborWorks America® Drought Mitigation/Water Conservation Support Grant, Self-Help Enterprises is investing in irrigation technologies that will increase water efficiency and conserve water at our apartment rental properties.

The first smart irrigation system has been installed at Goshen Village II, our 56-unit affordable apartment rental community in Goshen, CA. The system is comprised of a Baseline Irrigation controller that utilizes soil moisture sensors in lieu of weather stations for better accuracy in determining plant health. The two soil moisture sensors – one for turf and one for plants like trees and shrubs – measure the moisture level and temperature in the soil and determine whether the area surrounding the sensor requires irrigation. By implementing a smart irrigation system together with our existing flow sensor and master valve on the property, we are able to regulate the optimal level of water for the soil and set up the system to turn off all of the irrigation if there is mainline break or turn off individual valves if there is a leak or issue with a particular valve.

In addition, the smart irrigation system will not only reduce landscape water usage, it also reduces property water utility costs, reduces maintenance personnel labor costs, and also mitigates operating costs due to losses of landscape – all while meeting water efficiency measures.

This smart irrigation system is also a component of a larger development activity within Self-Help Enterprises’ apartment rental properties. With the continued drought and depletion in water supply, this first smart irrigation project will serve as a model for water conservation, water delivery management, and reducing water costs at our other apartment rental communities.

More importantly, the new irrigation system will have a positive impact in the rural communities by preserving green and clean open recreational space for the residents and maintaining Self-Help Enterprises’ apartment rental properties as an affordable rental community.

Check out Save Our Water for tips of what you can do to conserve water indoors and outdoors. Pool and spa owners can learn tips to maximize water efficiency by visiting Let’s Pool Together. It’s important for us to do our part and conserve water on this Earth day and every day.

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