Affordable Housing Coming to Dinuba & Lindsay

Affordable Housing Coming to Dinuba & Lindsay

Posted on October 31, 2016

Self-Help Enterprises, in partnership with the California Vanpool Authority, secured $10.1 million in competitive grant funding from the California Strategic Growth Council to fund the construction of an affordable housing development and transit-friendly infrastructure project in Dinuba and Lindsay.

The 44-unit Sierra Village apartment rental community in Dinuba will feature a vanpool program and other transportation improvements, solar PV and water conservation features – all designed to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions. Construction for the housing development is expected to start in April 2017.

Like Sierra Village, the 50-unit Lindsay Village apartment rental community, located on the southeast corner of Westwood and Hermosa, will also feature a vanpool and water conservation features. In addition, bike lanes will be incorporated and a roundabout will be constructed near Jefferson Elementary School to improve safety for students and parents walking to school. Construction for Lindsay Village is expected to start in May 2017.

Sierra Village and Lindsay Village will also include community centers that will have after-school programs, computer lab, English as a second language classes, financial literacy classes and other services.

The award is part of the Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities (AHSC) Program run through the Strategic Growth Council and administered by the Housing and Community Development Department. The AHSC program is funded by cap-and-trade proceeds.

These projects will bring an affordable housing option to hardworking low-income families in Dinuba and Lindsay.

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