A Revitalized Home for SanJuanita

A Revitalized Home for SanJuanita

Posted on September 29, 2023

For SanJuanita Rodriguez, her Parlier home holds many cherished memories. It’s where her children were raised and where she eventually cared for her husband during his final years. Since the passing of her husband eight years ago, SanJuanita has tried her best to maintain her home in a safe condition. However, the burden of medical bills and the rising cost of living made it impossible for her to make any repairs to the home.   

“Trabajamos en el campo durante años, pero cuando mi esposo se enfermó, dejé de trabajar para ayudar a cuidarlo,” said SanJuanita. Apenas podíamos pagar nuestras cuentas. Sentí como si mi mundo se estuviera desmoronando.” 

(“We worked in the fields for years, but once my husband got sick, I stopped working to help care for him. We could barely pay our bills. It felt like my world was crumbling down.”) 

There were multiple signs of the 37-year-old home’s deteriorating state, including the old windows, which kept utility costs high. That is why, with the support of her children, SanJuanita applied to the Housing Rehabilitation program at Self-Help Enterprises. “Ahora tengo 76 años y sólo puedo pagar mis facturas más básicas,” said SanJuanita. “Durante mucho tiempo me sentí impotente al ver los problemas que tenía la casa y sin poder hacer nada al respecto.” (“I’m 76 years old now and can only pay my most basic bills. For the longest time, I felt helpless to see the problems the home had yet unable to do anything about it.”) 

Once she went through the application process and was approved, all of the home’s windows were replaced with new energy-efficient ones. In addition, fresh paint and new durable siding replaced the rotted areas of the home’s exterior. The band board and trim around the base were replaced throughout the house, also due to rotting.  The large sliding door and its trim were also entirely replaced. “Estoy muy agradecido por el programa de rehabilitación de viviendas,” said SanJuanita. “Mi casa quedó hermosa. Ver mi casa como nueva nuevamente fue muy especial para mí. Espero que más personas puedan beneficiarse del programa como lo hice yo.” (“I am so thankful for the housing rehabilitation program. My house turned out beautiful. Seeing my home feel like new again was so special to me. I hope more people will be able to benefit from the program like I did”.)  

The necessary replacements were made with HPG Funds for Health and Safety Home Repairs. With additional help from the contractor who worked on the SHE program repairs, SanJuanita was also able to go through a roofing insurance claim that replaced her deteriorating roof. The combined exterior work helped transform the house into a safe living space for SanJuanita to continue to make memories with her family! Housing rehabilitation assistance can meet a critical need for homeowners like SanJuanita who lack the funds to make necessary physical health and safety improvements to their homes. Learn more

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