Down Payment Assistance

Homeownership in the San Joaquin Valley is often out of reach for many low-income families because of the high cost of housing, lack of cash available or a monthly payment that is not affordable. 

To meet the needs of those seeking homeownership, Self-Help Enterprises, in cooperation with Valley cities and counties, operates homebuyer assistance programs. The programs are designed to provide the additional financing needed to keep a first mortgage payment affordable to first-time homebuyers. 

Self-Help Enterprises matches limited resources to low-income family needs through its homebuyer assistance activities. This is accomplished through teamwork –working with residents, local government, and elected representatives to identify needs, find funding resources, and competing for financial resources.

Homebuyer assistance programs are subject to availability of funds and on a first-come, first-served basis.

“Thank you for making our family dream of owning a home come true! I have three kids and they have never had a room to their selves. They are so excited and grateful – their happiness is priceless!”
~ Joshua Gutierrez and Dulce Martinez

Areas We Serve

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What are the benefits of the homebuyer assistance programs?

Down payment and closing cost assistance helps you lower your monthly mortgage payment.

Who qualifies as a first-time homeowner?

A first time homeowner is someone who has previously not owned a home or has not owned a home for the past three years.

Are there limits on the purchase price of a home?

Yes. The purchase price limits vary based on the city in which the home is based and total gross household income.

Homes for Sale

Self-Help Enterprises purchases lots or existing homes in need of repairs. The acquired homes are repaired and brought up to code by professionals contracted through Self-Help Enterprises. These homes are then sold at an affordable price to qualified low-income families and to the general public. Secondary financing may be available depending on the community in which the homes are located.


  • Corner of  Union and Kern – three (3) addresses coming soon

For Our Realtor and Lender Friends

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Sales Price Limits

For more information about our Homebuyer Assistance Programs, please contact Alma Romero at (559) 802-1640

Interest Form 

If you are interested in buying a home, please complete the interest form. A loan processor will contact you to complete a pre-screening application.  


Interest Form

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Interest Form


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Community Building

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