Drinking Water for Schools

******Applications for the Drinking Water for Schools Program Phase 2 are now being accepted******

The Drinking Water for Schools Grant Program was established for the purpose of improving access to, and the quality of, drinking water in public schools. Through the State Water Board Division of Financial Assistance (DFA), funding is available to eligible applicants for this purpose.

Eligible applicants include Local Education Agencies (LEAs) serving kindergarten, or any of grades 1-12, and preschools and child care facilities, located on public school property. ALL projects must be located at schools within, or serving a disadvantaged community (DAC).

The State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) has provided the continuous list of eligible LEAs below:



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Recorded Workshops

Drinking Water for Schools Workshop – Grant Program Info Session #2

Drinking Water For Schools Workshop – Grant Program Info Session #1


TA Services

Self-Help Enterprises will serve as a TA provider to support your District’s project implementation with the following TA services:

  • Application Assistance
    • Submit formal request to SWRCB
    • Develop project scope of work and budget
  • Grant and Project Administration
    • Communicate with SWRCB and regulatory agencies
    • Invoicing and reporting (quarterly and final report)
    • Record keeping
  • Construction Management
    • Develop project schedule
    • Coordinate materials ordering
    • Assist in developing Request for Proposal (RFP) and with bidding process
    • Assist District to facilitate installations of filling stations/drinking fountains, if applicable
  • Monitoring and Performance
    • Develop treatment strategy
    • Develop Point of Use (POU) testing protocol
    • Conduct water quality testing
    • Develop Operations and Maintenance Plan and Monitoring Program
  • Education and Outreach, if applicable
    • Develop and implement an education and outreach plan for students and staff
    • Develop educational materials

If your LEA is identified on the list above, please complete the application below to the best of your ability and return to

To obtain TA services and apply for grant money, you will be required to sign a Sub-Grant Agreement between your school district and Self Help Enterprises. Once the Sub-Grant Agreement is signed, your school will need to complete the application process with the assistance of Self-Help Enterprises.



If you believe your LEA would be eligible for the grant program and you are not on the list please Contact:

Self-Help Enterprises
Attn: Briana Becerra
8445 W. Elowin Court
Visalia, CA 93291

(559) 802-1650

For more information, please visit the SWRCB website, here. You can find grant guidelines here. We look forward to working with you to improve access to clean drinking water in your school!


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