Construction Updates

Latest as of 9.19.19 – Subject to Change

Note: In general, site development occurs before official construction of homes. Most of the updates below are related to the site development. Recruiting of families begin about 3 months after site development has begun. 

  • Bakersfield Single-Family: We are recruiting for the final lots available. Lupe Felix is the contact if interested (559) 972-0168.
  • Fresno Multi-Family: Annadale Commons – NOW ACCEPTING RENTAL APPLICATIONS. Call SHE at (559) 651-1000 to learn how to get an application.
  • Fresno Single-Family: Annadale Commons – Soon to submit tentative map. Estimated site development start November 2019.
  • Goshen Multi-Family: Construction has started on the  Multi-family project.
  • Goshen Single-Family: No projected date on Single Family Homes as of yet.
  • Orosi Single-Family:  Working with PG&E. Site development expected to begin by December 2019.
  • Planada Single-Family: Subdivision improvements began and should conclude in November 2019. Site development to begin in November 2019. Potential recruitment of families to start September 2019.
  • Patterson Single-Family: Patterson 17, already in progress. Patterson 18 will begin at the end of November Please contact Lupe Felix at (559) 971-0168 if you are interested in building your own home.
  • Patterson Multi-Family: On November 18, SHE closed the construction financing required to construct 138 units of affordable rental housing in Patterson (Stanislaus County). Construction in progress. Estimated completion date July 2021.
  • Reedley Single-Family: Waiting on joint trench plan. Once approved we can have a contractor by November. Expected family recruitment in late 2020.
  • Shafter Single-Family: Will not get final improvement plans and final map to the City for review until end of September.
  • Turlock Single-Family: 22 finish lots. Waiting on funding to move forward. No time line as of now. No updates.
  • Woodlake Single-Family: We are currently recruiting for Woodlake 22 group. We currently have 40 lots available. Velma Hernandez is contact if interested (559) 731-9783.