Construction Updates

Latest as of 9.19.19 – Subject to Change

Note: In general, site development occurs before official construction of homes. Most of the updates below are related to the site development. Recruiting of families begin about 3 months after site development has begun. 

  • Bakersfield Single-Family: We are recruiting for the final lots available. Lupe Felix is the contact if interested (559) 972-0168.
  • Fresno Multi-Family: Annadale Commons – Engineer working on final map with City. Estimated home construction to start March 2019.
  • Fresno Single-Family: Annadale Commons – Soon to submit tentative map. Estimated site development start November 2019.
  • Goshen Multi-Family: Construction has started on the  Multi-family project.
  • Goshen Single-Family: No projected date on Single Family Homes as of yet.
  • Orosi Single-Family:  Working with PG&E. Site development expected to begin by December 2019.
  • Planada Single-Family: Subdivision improvements began and should conclude in November 2019. Site development to begin in November 2019. Potential recruitment of families to start September 2019.
  • Patterson Single-Family: Original completion date of development was July 2018. Due to delay in utility plan approval and now rain delays we are hoping to lay base rock within a couple of weeks. Also the final compaction test are requiring new engineer plan for footings, which are in the process of completion soon. The goal is to have first group start construction late March 2019.
  • Patterson Multi-Family: Estimated construction start date of December 2019.
  • Reedley Single-Family: Waiting on joint trench plan. Once approved we can have a contractor by November. Expected family recruitment in late 2020.
  • Shafter Single-Family: Will not get final improvement plans and final map to the City for review until end of September.
  • Turlock Single-Family: 22 finish lots. Waiting on funding to move forward. No time line as of now. No updates.
  • Woodlake Single-Family: We are currently recruiting for Woodlake 22 group. We currently have 40 lots available. Velma Hernandez is contact if interested (559) 731-9783.